Friday, October 15, 2010


The court hearing for Operation Ore that should have taken place back in April , put on hold for the sake of the General Election. Meanwhile ..... 
.......while the rest of the countrys eyes were on the General Election, child protection officer Gamble  completed an investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann for the Home Office. Gamble we are told has 'discovered' that the Portuguese Police did not look at all the evidence.
Jim Gamble for once speaks the truth, the Portuguese Police did not look at ALL the evidence that may have been vital to the investigation until six months later, a little matter of suggested paedophilia within the group known as the tapas. The reason , it was held back for six months by Leicestershire Police.

The News of the World, heavily assisted by Jim Gamble , had turned a Crime Scene into entertainment to gain a few more votes by using the very short life of Madeleine McCann .
(J.K.Rowling will never be forgiven for the amount of money she poured into the Brown campaign to keep her friend in power. )
Speaking of a few quid , it will now cost you two to read  about this scoundrel .