Saturday, October 16, 2010


 The pressure it seems has reached breaking point, the Goverment are correct in the burning of QUANGOS and look to new ways to protect our children. The article below proof there is something wrong and fresh eyes are needed to look for new ways to care for those who need it most, this means ALL children. 

 Jim Gamble seems to have more interest in the parents of Madeleine, showing more about one child above all others, this is not the head of CEOP's concern, he has become biased and lost his way. I have not seen Gamble parading other parents whose child has disappeared on television nor is he ever likely to..what makes the McCanns child so special ? CEOP is for Online paedophiles , Madeleine to my knowledge was not involved in Online chat and as her father has confirmed to the world ' There is no evidence Madeleine has come to any serious harm'

We have yet to also be enlightened as to why Madeleines father was invited to speak at a CEOP conference for sexually abused children by Jim Gamble, what experience does Dr.McCann have on this subject and why are other parents whose children have been approached by Online paedophiles not been asked to speak ? 

 The up and coming Court hearing should also weigh heavy on Gambles mind, but does it ? the people whose lives Gamble has destroyed and forced at least 35 to take their own seems over the years to have not caused him loss of sleep. In fact he still believes he is right... Gamble comes across as a very unpleasant character who like Gerry McCann demands his own way . I have an idea for Dr.McCanns soul mate.  Dr.McCanns boss and his brother John have both resigned from the Private Company.. No Stone Unturned.. this means there is now a position available. I am sure Dr.McCann would be delighted to welcome you on board Jimbo, with your contacts you could help fatten up the 'draining fast 'fund. 

There is something very fishy going on with CEOP, Gamble and the McCanns...very fishy indeed.
Work pressures affect Social Workers’ ability to protect Children

A survey by the British Association of Social Workers last week revealed that a staggering amount of Front Line Social Workers feel that they have been unable to protect children in their care due to the pressure of work.

1390 Social Workers were interviewed for the survey, and the results show that the constraints of Front Line Social Work have put a significant amount of pressure on staff.  Of those surveyed 70% believed that they had been unable to protect a child due to the constraints of their job.  95% of respondents were of the opinion that children’s health and safety had been put at risk due to them being forced to make key decisions based on insufficient information.

Janet Foulds, a Front Line Social Worker for 36 years said; “I have felt overloaded and overburdened with concerns about the decisions I have to make in such an increasingly stressful, pressured environment…  I try to cope with the workload by working late at night and over weekends but have felt at times that I have not been able to do the best job I can do.”

85% of Social Workers said that public criticism of their job had reduced the number of potential new recruits to the Social Work profession, and that this had lead to an increase in workload.
The Association of Directors of Children’s Services welcomed the report.  A spokesperson said, “Child protection services risk being overwhelmed.  Ministers must ring fence funding for early intervention projects.”