Friday, October 15, 2010


For those who are not familiar with the Daniel Morcombe abduction case which happened on the 7th of December 2003 on the sunshine coast of Queensland Australia....Daniel was a 13 year old
sunny coast boy who was abducted apparently from a bus stop on that day.

Now the reason for this post is mainly because myself and others feel this was definately a very telling abduction and falls in line with much of the fishiness which surrounds other abductions like the 'Madeline' case and also the Sarah Payne case in the UK.

The fact that thousands and thousands of children go missing every year and yet only a few ever hit the media to the extent that these ones have is always very telling IMO...We were blasted with this in the media here.

Every year now we have 'Daniel Morcombe day' and one would naturally think that this would be on the day which he disappeared ie the the 7th of December....but yet for the second year in a row 'Daniel Morcombe Day' is on the....the 31st of October..yes thats right HALLOWEEN...a day in which everyone is asked to send their children to school dress in RED with a gold coin donation to be donated to the Daniel Morcombe foundation.

direct from the school newsletter

next Wednesday the 31st october is the day for Daniel. As you know Daniel Morcombe disappeared from a bus stop near his home on the Nambour connection Road in 2003. We encourage everyone to wear something red that day as Daniel was wearing a red t- shirt the day he disappeared. gold coin donations are welcome and will be sent on to the Daniel Morcombe foundation that aims to promote child safety.

I dont know about anyone else but this totally REEKS of blood ritual to me.:mad:

What is even fishier is this ABC news report released on the 30th of October 07 (Tuesday been) which is steering towards misleading that Daniel in fact went missing on the 31st of October.... when in fact 4 years to the day would be the 7th of December.

Why do they want everyone to remember Daniel on this Day?
I'm sure Matthew Delooze and others would have plenty to say on this.

There is NO doubt in my mind what happened to young Daniel.



AGAIN: I am no 'WITCHY' fan but there is something very fishy going on.

GOOD QUESTION why change the date of a childs abduction.