Friday, October 15, 2010


The parents released a photo of Madeleine in full make up..she is now known as Maddie Lolita….her parents STILL refuse to return to Portugal for a reconstruction and STILL refuse to answer police questions…they do however seem to be very happy living from a fraudulent fund supplied by their dead daughter.. Head of CEOP had nothing to say on the choice of photograph by the McCanns.

However, Gamble's tenure at CEOP has not been without its controversy. PC Pro investigations revealed how computer evidence used in the prosecution of alleged paedophiles was founded on falsehoods, and that many of those prosecuted were merely victims of credit-card fraud. CEOP has always denied the evidence was flawed.


Who are the Phoenix Foundation?

A search of Google reveals little, if you're not into indie music!
The problem is we have these quasi-governmental organisations that do two thirds of F-All, backed up by advocacy "charities" that do little other than pay the wages of their employees -hardly anybody benefits from their alleged efforts.

Read more: CEOP chief quits over merger of child protection agency | News | PC Pro

 In an interview with the BBC, councillor Malcolm King, a former member of the CEOP advisory board, said there seemed to have been "a campaign in the Home Office for a long time now to make CEOP as ineffective as possible".

Monday, 4 October 2010

Jim Gamble resigns (well no retires actually)

Breaking news tonight that the eloquent self publicist Jim Gamble has resigned over the future of the Child Exploitation Online Protection Agency (CEOP).
This is the same Deputy Chief Constable Gamble who is so committed to CEOP that he has applied (unsuccessfully obviously) for at least one chief constable's job elsewhere.
CEOP does a good job but the case for making it part of a police owned National Crime Agency is pretty sound.
And of course Mr Gamble has not really resigned - he is actually retiring on a full final salary gold plated index linked pension.
My prediction is that before long he will reappear in some kind of consultancy or non executive director capacity in the private sector - maybe even Facebook will make an offer?

Anonymous said...
Love your blog...there is much to learn about ' Trust me I am a police Officer' and 'Sheriff' of the Internet Jim Gamble. Your prediction is an interesting one, I think he will end up on the payrole of the McCanns.

Why is Jim Gamble heading up CEOP for four more months?

As previously covered on this blog the Chief Executive of CEOP, Mr Jim Gamble, resigned the night before the Home Secretary's speech to her party conference.

Mr Gamble's supporters (including the parents of Madeleine McCann) have described his loss as an enormous blow to the cause of child protection.

He has not been giving interviews but has clearly let it be known through his supporters that he has resigned out of principle, because of his opposition to CEOP becoming part of the new National Crime Agency. The timing was political.

Buried in the announcement of his resignation was confirmation that he will in fact stay on as chief executive for a further four months. Why? Presumably if he thinks the Home Secretary's decision is so disasterous that he felt compelled to resign on the eve of her speech, then he would be leaving straight away.

I am sure that his pension situation would not have been affected whether he went straight away or stayed on for more four months?

Anonymous said...
The Operation Ore hearing date November 8th now I believe changed to Nov 12th... lawyer Chris Saltrese has a very strong case that Ore was flawed and innocent people commited suicide. The hearing should have been in April but was cancelled due to the elections in May. Gamble headed Ore and tried to frame Jim Bates who hopefully will have plenty to say on the matter...I think the delay of four months is to see if the Ore case is solid enough...if so Gamble will have a lot of questions to answer and will be an embarrassment for the Goverment. It is no secret who is alleged to be on that list. Ken Clarke already talking about changing the law so the ELITE cannot be arrested for paedophilia...the excuse of course being the Popes visit and three MPs wanting to have him arrested. November shall be an interesting month and I would imagine the Goverment will have a gagging order in place...but if you know the blogs to follow you can keep up to date with whats happening.