Friday, January 21, 2011

US privacy advocates reiterate warnings

Spokeo184Back in November, Big Brother Watch highlighted the threat to your privacy posed by the new online directory service 

Spokeo, which markets itself as "not your grandma's phonebook" draws together your contact details (including your phone number, e-mail and postal address), information about your personal wealth, your spouse and any social networks you might be a member of. In compiling the data, the website searches databases including "phone books, marketing surveys, business databases, ecommerce stores, and other public databases".

A news report published by Fox News this morning suggests that BBW's concerns were well founded.  Privacy advocates have highlighted numerous problems with the service, such as incorrect information about the earnings and marital status of individuals appearing online and cases where the data has been misued by stalkers.

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The website is not yet operating in the UK.

Source: Big Brother Watch