Friday, January 14, 2011

Becoming a freemason

It can appear confusing.
One becomes a Mason in three stages if you like, hence the 1st, 2nd & finally the 3rd Degree, when he becomes a Master Mason. Hence the 3rd Degree is the Highest Degree in Freemasonry. In the UK at least.

 When one becomes a Master Mason, he is then completely free to make up his own mind whether or not to join other, what are called "side degrees" Royal Arch for example is a side degree it is not the 4th Degree. There is no "promotion" to a higher level as it were, it is very important to understand that each and every Master Mason is neither coerced or forced to join any of the recognised side degrees.

There is a side degree in UK Freemasonry called Scottish Rite with a 33rd Degree clasification, in the USA however, Scottish Rite is an entirely separate strand of Freemasonry where the 33rd level is the highest, a subtle but unique difference.

In the UK the 3rd Degree is the highest level, other countries adopt differing methods