Friday, January 21, 2011

At midnight, ID cards will cease to be valid

Id178 At midnight tonight, ID cards will cease to be valid means by which to prove your identity or to travel inside the Euopean Union. By the end of next week, the National Identity Register - which was designed to hold the details of card holders - will be deleted.
Damian Green MP, the minister with responsibility for the abolition of ID cards, made the following statement.
"Laying ID cards to rest demonstrates the government's commitment to scale back the power of the state and restore civil liberties.
"It is about the people having trust in the government to know when it is necessary and appropriate for the state to hold and use personal data, and it is about the government placing their trust in the common-sense and responsible attitude of the people"
Amen to that.
Damian is a contributor to the new Big Brother Watch book, which can be purchased on Amazon for only £6.49.