Friday, January 21, 2011

Social networking websites: how is your data being shared?

Eff218 Over at the BoingBoing blog, Xeni Jardin has covered the Eletronic Frontier Foundation efforts to uncover the commercial data-selling policies of the world's largest social networking websites.
The US-based EFF has received copies of guidelines used by Facebook, MySpace, AOL, eBay, Ning, Tagged, Craigslist and others governing the circumstances in which they will either share or sell information about their users to third parties.The guidelines, which are published on the EFF's website, "compares how the companies handle requests for user information such as contact information, photos, IP logs, friend networks, buying history, and private messages".
Click here to view the full article - and to learn details of the responses of individual websites.
Hat-tip: AW

SOURCE: Big Brother Watch