Monday, November 22, 2010

Who is Evin Daily ? Well he dislikes Theresa May....

Evin Daly of Child Abuse Watch has presented an award to Jim Gamble of CEOP. So who is Evin Daly? Well I’m not the first person to ask that:

Who is Evin Daly? Evin Daly is an untalented and unknown writer from Boca Raton, Florida who is using the manipulation of words combined with falsehoods to slander Pete Townshend. He also runs a right wing website called The Which he claims is "the Best News Source Known to Humanity" and has published a very creepy article about "Men and Porn" .
Evin Daly has put a grossly disproportionate amount of focus on Pete who has been proven to NOT be a paedophile or in possession of child pornography. If Evin Daly really wanted to save children from abuse, he would be putting his energies elsewhere. Anyone who claims their own version of the news is the "best known to humanity" obviously has severe ego problems. Compared to the work, time, money and career focus that Pete Townshend has put towards children's charities, Evin Daly is a bombastic joke.

 Evin Daly is not a fan of our home secretary Theresa May:

Online child protection chief quits in protest at merger proposals
From the comments:

Home Secretary Theresa May should resign forthwith. Child protection professionals such as Mr. Gamble are few; talentless politicians such a May are plentiful. He will be missed.
Evin Daly