Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ITV Paedophile case flaws

Comments from Orees are:..this is old news  and seems to be good cop / bad cop excuses. It has been pointed out that the evidence 'The Team'  have ,ITV have no knowledge. Chris Saltrese has a good solid case.

The officer in the video and his fears, were ignored , as Jim Gamble along with CEOP went on to destroy lives without hard evidence to back them up, or in some cases no evidence at all. CEOP it seems have no comment. The BBC who assisted Gamble in his witch-hunt also silent.

Quote from an Oree.

It has never stopped Big Mouth from commenting before even when a court case was in session.  Unquote.

'Big Mouth' in case there are those in doubt is of course Gerrys pal Jimbo.