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Paul McCartney and Heather Mills....

First protected name revealed - Jumping Jacks
One of the men who together with his family was almost ruined by being wrongfully raided under Operation Ore has been called Sam in stories about him on other web sites. The UK police admitted their mistake, but he was far from satisfied and went on the war path against them.

So successful was his first TV interview that the Operation Ore action group invited him into an inner circle of researchers. These individuals had in an earlier daring ‘raid’ on the US obtained both the Landslide subscriber database and the FBI Landslide prosecution files, never before shown to the defence. When they began to study these, they were shocked first at the extent of the obvious credit card fraud, in particular as the police and prosecution service had denied there was any and this new evidence became the ammunition for their pending Operation Ore class action against the police. They were also shocked and dismayed at seeing that there were many individuals in high places on the Landslide subscriber database, that is whose credit card details, fraudulently or otherwise, were associated with transactions with web sites that thousands of other ordinary people had been raided and ruined for.

This created a predicament for them. The police had denied that such names existed on the subscriber database, so seeing them suggested that in some way they were individuals already protected from being raided and prosecuted or that they now became protected by the police treating them as ‘above the law’ or individuals worthy of protection, in either case creating the situation where they could be compromised or in the words of a writer on another web site the ‘Jumping Jacks’ of the police or whatever other cartel could now exert influence over them. The researchers had taken on the task of clearing the names of innocent men, not ruining others hitherto unsuspected, which added to their dismay upon seeing the names of the apparently protected ones, whom they did not want to expose.

But Sam thought otherwise. These high profile individuals, unlike he and thousands of others, had not suffered dawn raids and shaming in the media, or having their computers seized, or being convicted in court, in many cases losing their children and spouses and being placed on the sex offender register to be shamed and excluded by their community.

When Sam saw the names, he acted impulsively and, in the opinion of other members of the campaign team, recklessly. But what he did cannot now be undone.

Several names stood out, but one in particular did so, because it was that of a man who was one of the parties in a vicious divorce case that was receiving worldwide publicity. It must be stressed that as in the majority of all the other cases where the unprotected persons were raided and ruined, this person’s credit card transactions were possibly also placed there fraudulently. But we must also repeat that the police denied that there was any fraud and also denied that there were influential names not proceeded against on the Landslide database.

Sam could not resist copying the name and transaction details and sending them to the solicitors acting for the woman in the dispute, Heather Mills, saying where they had come from and offering any further corroboration required.

Those reading about this unseemly case might now want to re-consider it. What value did the information have if any to her in her negotiations? What value does it now have when it is thus revealed?

Readers might also consider some of the Mills’ statements in a new light, especially those made in emotional media outbursts. Such as when she exclaimed that she was the one being treated like a ‘paedophile’ and that she had been ‘protecting’ him, but that such protection might not now continue. In a second interview she claimed to have damaging evidence about ‘a person’ stored in a safe. "I'm protecting that party because I care about that party. But if it's going to carry on, then I'm going to have to tell all the truth," she said.

What a pity that this influential man did not join with the other innocent individuals now fighting a fierce and at times lonely battle with the police and prosecution service to clear their names and restore some meaning and dignity to their lives and the lives of their families.

This high profile individual is not the only protected name that is still sitting on that list waiting to be revealed. The big question for the others is why have they been protected and what has it cost them and their country to be compromised thus by the police or whoever else may now be able to pull their strings.
05 Nov 2007 by OBU