Monday, December 6, 2010

Operation Ore appeal dismissed

The judges have dismissed our appeal.

Chris Saltrese is about to issue a press release with
a critique of the judgment saying that it is in gross and
obvious error and that the judges have not read or
considered the evidence.

The immediate course of action appears to be an appeal
to the Criminal Cases Review Committee, which is the
course Chris is most likely to take.

As far as individuals are concerned, this is what we have

1. It is now accepted that there was no Click Here Child
Porn banner on the Landslide index page, which was a main plank
of Operation Ore.

2. It is now agreed that there was credit card fraud, which
had been denied.

3. We can prove hacking.

4, We have identified criminal webmasters using stolen
credit cards to access their own web sites to obtain
commission from Landslide.