Thursday, February 17, 2011

MPs call for EVERYONE to be added to the national DNA database

Dna197 Last Friday, the government published its new Freedom Bill.  Included in the document was a commitment from the government to delete the majority of the data belonging to innocent people from the national DNA database.

Sadly, Conservative MP Laurence Robertson does not agree with his party's own position on this issue.  Indeed, in comments to his local paper in Gloucestershire, he has gone one step further and called for everyone to have their details stored on a central database.
"At the moment, only the DNA of people arrested can be taken and stored. I know some people object to this, but others are of the view there should be a full databank of everyone's DNA.

"In no way does having DNA stored restrict freedom – quite the reverse, if storing and using DNA helps to prevent crime."
Astonishingly, Liberal Democrat MP Martin Horwood - a man representing a party who have consistently opposed the storing of innocent people's DNA - backed Robertson's position.
"I am quite sympathetic.

"I think there's an argument for more people to be on the DNA database but the problem has been discriminating between different groups.

"If everyone was on it, that would be less of a problem, but we would need to persuade the public that wasn't a threat to our collective civil liberties".
Erm, perhaps Mr Horwood would like to explain how the creation of a vast, central database of the intricate biological data of every British citizen can be squared with any conception of civil liberties?

Source: Big Brother Watch